Exploring the land of the Etruscans!

Whenever you feel lonely and in a bad mood, that is the moment to get out, take a wonderful day or afternoon off and can come with me for a beautiful walk in the Tuscia countryside! (The Tuscia is the territory of the norther part of Latium that was colonized by the Etruscans and then conquered by the Romans).


Living at about 50 minutes from Rome in the northern part of the Latium region has many advantages and one of these is that I am able to go around, (whenever I want), discovering new sites. This Italian region has a millenary history: from prehistoric to pre-roman and medieval artifacts to discover. (most of them abandoned and forgotten since virtuality is changing the way of living!).



The site I am showing is very easy to reach with the car, then to go down the cave, I must admit that requires a good capacity of hiking and not being afraid of walking in steep slopes. Anyhow the pics I’ve taken, can show you how amazing the final result was!

Be positive and get out a beautiful world is waiting for you!





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Former National Triathlon athlete, now ancient and forgotten sites hunter, mountain biker and open waters swimmer. Love ancient Romans and Etruscan civilizations. Follow my discoveries!


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