Iñaki Baldellou Verdejo a conquistador with an Italian heart!

The Spanish athlete Iñaki, who during this season is racing in the PPRTeam, begins his sports career as a swimmer at the age of five. He has a personal record of 17’10” in the 1.5 meter-race, with which he gained the bronze medal in the Spanish National Swimming Championships. He was encouraged to start training for triathlon by his current coach whom he did meet by chance, and saw in him amazing potentialities to be developed. He was right, because, not much time after, he scored a series of amazing results. In 2001, Spanish National Duathlon Champion, second place in the Aquathlon National Championships and third place in the Sprint Distance National Championships. In 2017, in the 70.3 distances, won the Challenge Salou, finished third at Challenge Norway, third place at Challenge Poland and forth at Challenge Mallorca. He is now Top 5 in the overall Challenge Family Circuit Ranking.


My training week is typically this, and I am also doing an English language course twice a week: 6 swim sessions (28-30 km/week), 5 run (60 km/week, 3-4 bike rides (350 km/week), when not racing I will do a long ride and 3 gym sessions per week.


Do I have a particular diet on race days? I think it is important to eat well, and rest is as significant as the training is. Before race day, I try to drink more; if the race starts early in the morning, I do breakfast with cereals and carbohidrates. If there is a late start, I eat rice, but always 3 hours before the beginning of the competition. POWERGYM gives me plenty of amazing products, I use Power Fire Up 30 minutes before the start, and an IsoPower Gel every 45 minutes with water and minerals. After the race Recoplus is the perfect thing to help me recover fast.

My future plans will be to perform better in the half distance, to finish the 2017 season with a TOP 5 position of the final Challenge Circuit Ranking, and try to compete in a full distance event, since I think that I have the perfect personal physical characteristics to do a good result.


When I am not racing, I like to do the things that the people of my age do, and in my free time I like to cure the garden and the vegetables of my house. I have a perfect green thumb and a strong swimmer arm!

I would like to thank Gianfranco Mione, who gave me the opportunity to race in the PPRTeam, which is an amazing international  pro Team, POWERGYM, C.N.Minorisa, Esports Sagi and Óptica Torrents.

Thank you to the nicest chico of España!

Photo Credit: iñaki Baldellou Verdejo, @tm4_fotos and José Luis Hourcade



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Former National Triathlon athlete, now ancient and forgotten sites hunter, mountain biker and open waters swimmer. Love ancient Romans and Etruscan civilizations. Follow my discoveries!


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