Yuliya Yelistratova triathlete and mother is it something possible?

Yuliya Yelistratova is a beautiful blonde athlete who has opted for motherhood at the peak of her career. As her, other top famous triathletes after the Rio Olympics have followed the same path without however giving up completely to their triathlon trainings. Is it then possible to exercise during pregnancy? She tells us how she managed to do it and, how her daily schedule has changed since the beginning of her pregnancy.


At the beginning I thought that being pregnant was a boring period for an active person like me, but I have to admit that I do not really have so much free time as I was expecting! I train all the three disciplines even if, now I only do two sessions per day. Obviously, I have gained weight and the paces are much slower than before. I started doing yoga regularly, exercises with bands and backrolls and I added long and quite fast walks. Of course, right now I do not do weights or abdominal exercises. In the first trimester I did train quite hard, I use to do 10-15 seconds running sprints to keep my lactate low or strength workouts, but now, since I am in the third trimester my paces have definitely decreased and I try to feel what my body wants to do. This is a very particular moment.


After childbirth I would like to race again as soon as possible and I think I will try to do some of the final events of this season. During this coming winter I am planning to go together with my child and husband Vladimir Turbaevskiy in Ciprus, to do all the winter training blocks there and, to get ready for the 2018 race season. My future main goal will be to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and, for this reason I will keep competing in sprint and olympic distance triathlons. I definitely will not do any longer distance event than these ones.


I really believe that being a mother and a professional athlete is something quite hard but, I have a nice family who is helping me and inspiring me in every possible way. I particularly would like to thank my sponsors which believed in me even during my pregnancy: Champion System, Spiuk, Fast Forward, NeilPryde, Trion:Z, Zone3, On, Polar Sponser, Growtac, Backroll, ControlTech and the Ukranian Triathlon Federation. By the way I am looking forward to race again with the Sardines Triathlon Marseille and EJOT-Team! Our best wishes to Yuliya, wishing her an amazing future full of incredible performances as a mother triathlete!


Photo Credit: Mahmut Cinti and Yuliya Yelistratova


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Former National Triathlon athlete, now ancient and forgotten sites hunter, mountain biker and open waters swimmer. Love ancient Romans and Etruscan civilizations. Follow my discoveries!

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