Challenge Rome 753 Caput Mundi!

A triathlon event in the most amazing place of the world is now a reality. The eternal city will host on July 23rd, thanks to the Forhans Team and to his President Gianluca Calfapietra together with the Challenge Family a competition with unique characteristics which refer to the date of the foundation of Rome in 753 B.C. and for this reason it will be a 1,753 meters swim segment, a 75,310 km bike course and a 17,530 km run.  Gianluca Calfapietra has been an élite triathlon athlete from 1995 to 2005 and when his athlete career ended, became an event organizer who together with his Team has now more than 15 years of experience in this particular field. Today, the Forhans Team has carried out more than 150 events and coordinated actively numerous and significant cycling and running competitions.

The idea of a triathlon race in Rome is as old as the city itself and, became real when in 2016 the Team organized the initial Grand Prix event in Rome, which had to be an Olympic triathlon test for the eventual nomination of Rome for the 2024 Olympic Games.


Even if Rome did not manage to have the Olympic Games, the Team’s President still believed in the outstanding value of the city of Rome. For this reason he decided to become part of the prestigious Challenge circuit of races and to share the Family’s philosophy that is that of giving great consideration to the local organizer who can truly face all the problems involved in the development of the project itself. The Challenge Family is a fabulous work team where the organizer is considered as the integral part of the whole.

Manolo Greco

The race will take advantage of the marvelous characteristics of the city of Rome and, after the swim segment in the Laghetto of the Eur, we will surely be distracted during the one-lap bike course, by the incredible archaeological and historical aspects of it. From the Eur the triathletes will reach Ostia the harbour city of the ancient Rome, with a straight and lightly hilly 22 km road, to be done in both ways. Then, back to Rome biking near the Pyramid of Cestius, the Circus Maximus, the marble Mouth of truth, up to the hill of the Campidoglio square and like true gladiators the athletes will march through the Imperial Forum, near the Colosseum, the Caracalla baths, then finally back to the transition near the Laghetto. The run course will be 3 laps of about 6 km each, in the Eur area. An unforgettable experience, especially for the foreign athletes who are not used to ride in such outstanding historical surroundings!


In the area around the transition and the finish area of the race, there will be an EXPO where there will take place many different and beautiful events among which an ancient roman village, in which there will be marches of roman soldiers and gladiators fights. Thanks to the collaboration of 3M TRAVEL there will be the possibility of guided tours around the city for everyone interested. Because sport is fun and can be a beautiful holiday to share with ourselves and our families…we are sure that the Forhans Team will surprise us with this and a lot more, thank you Gianluca !


Photo Credit: Simone Pierini Press Office Forhans Team

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Former National Triathlon athlete, now ancient and forgotten sites hunter, mountain biker and open waters swimmer. Love ancient Romans and Etruscan civilizations. Follow my discoveries!


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