From Russia with Love…

The Russian Vladimir Turbaevskiy who races in Italy for the T.D. Rimini, has conquered the first event of the Grand Prix Italy, behind him Gabor Faldum PPR Team and Tamas Toth 707 Team. A fast swim brought 9 athletes in T1, Niccolo’ Strada was the first one who entered the transition area with the time of 09:08. The flat and easy bike course did not create particular occasions for any escapes in the leading peloton. The pack of riders reached the transition almost all together. The first athletes to enter were Buraccioni Minerva Team, Azzano The Hurricane, Pozzatti 707, Faldum PPR Team and Premysl T.D. Rimini. The Russian got caught in the group since he could not manage to get to the front before entering the transition area and exited only in 19th position. It took him 2k to reach the head of the race with Faldum and Toth. On the last km he decided to change his pace since he did not want to risk a head to head sprint finish with Faldum and managed to win with the time of 54:38, silver for Faldum and third step of the podium for Toth.


In his interview he tells us that in Italy not only he found an amazing Team like the T.D. Rimini which is a happy group of friends but, wonderful places to race and nice caring people. He would like to thank Alessandro Alessandro for having created the perfect conditions to let him compete, and Giorgio Romano for having put him into contact with the T.D. Rimini Team. He also thanks his sponsors that help him technically which are: Champion System, Spiuk, NeilPryde, Token, Alna-Bike and Zone3.


We wish him good luck for his next important appointments which will be the Russian National Championships and the European Sprint and Olympic Championships.


Tall, blonde, handsome like James Bond, will he surprise us with adventurous airplane jumps, parachute ski jumps or underwater fights…maybe not, but for sure with many other outstanding and incredible international results as only he can do!


Photo Credit: Alessandro Alessandri and Giorgio Romano.


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Former National Triathlon athlete, now ancient and forgotten sites hunter, mountain biker and open waters swimmer. Love ancient Romans and Etruscan civilizations. Follow my discoveries!


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